CSFO is a completely multi-cultural body and will not discriminate in any way in terms of sexual orientation, gender or race. It will also not interfere or dictate to such members regarding the running of their affairs, types of production etc., as long as they follow the Constitution and spirit of CSFO.
All new membership applications and membership renewals must be submitted in writing, together with a copy of their Constitution in the case of A Group membership, and seconded by an existing member. They will be admitted as members in terms of the Constitution, at the discretion of CSFO Policy. Membership will cease if the fees are in arrears at an AGM or a person resigns in writing or dies, or, if it is felt that a member is not upholding the Constitution and spirit of CSFO or is bringing the organizations into disrepute, as determined by the CSFO Policy.


Group membership

  1. An organization or society involved in the providing services in the fields of livelihoods, capacity building and vocation trainings that’s has a minimum of 5 members and a basic Constitution.
  2. Individual membership – any non-professional individual with an active interest in the fields of livelihoods, capacity building and  Education .
  3. Honorary (Professional) membership – any professional individual with an interest in Education, Capacity building, Women empowerment, either historically or for the purpose of contributing to the ideals of the organization on a voluntary basis. They may only receive remuneration where they have specifically been contracted for a project.


  1. At any meetings, other than committee meetings, only fully paid up members as at the date of the meetings are eligible to vote.
  2.  A Group member can have two votes and individual member’s one vote. Nominated representatives must be present or represented by proxy.
  3. The Chairperson has a deliberative and casting vote at any meeting.
  4. Committee members have one vote each at committee meetings.
  5. Professional members will have no voting rights but may attend Annual General Meetings for the purposes of contributing ideas and expertise.


  1. In order to be a committee member, individuals must be paid up members or provide proof that they are a paid up members of a member group.
  2. The National Executive Committee shall consist of a minimum of four members, including the following office bearers:

(a) National Chairperson

(b) National Vice Chairperson
(c) National Treasurer
(d) National Secretary, And Provincial Representatives..